Iyov on the NRSV

Catch this post on the NRSV: Using copyright to protect against sexism. And tell us how to pronounce your name, Iyov. Lingamish wants to know. (I do to but I didn’t want to admit that I don’t know.) Lingamish writes,

    I’ve seen this name popping up on Better Bibles Blog and now I had a chance to check out the blog. 47 posts in June! This looks promising. Lotsa pretty pictures, too.

    Let’s vote on how you pronounce Iyov:

    Iyon rhymes with…

    1. I yawn
    2. He gone
    3. Yeehaw

7 thoughts on “Iyov on the NRSV

  1. DavidR says:

    OK. I’m sure I’m missing something basic here and will end up looking like an idiot, but hey! it won’t be the first time! (nor the last, I reckon)…

    …but I would have guessed that Iyov rhymes with “Jove”, except in a Web 2.0 kind of way, “eYove”.

    Or is the v/n some intentional Greek-Hebrew interchange kind of thing, in a sort of Joseph Yahuda, Hebrew is Greek, sort of way???

    Puzzledly yrs, David Reimer

  2. Suzanne McCarthy says:

    I don’t know, David, you have to ask Lingamish, but I got to thinking it must rhyme with “he drove” so I’m with you on this.

    Then I thought maybe Lingamish meant Yvonne/Yvon – maybe a new Russian emperor – Yvonne the great!

    I imagine Iyov will turn up and help us out. When he has solved the gimmel thing.

  3. Peter Kirk says:

    I think I know the answer, which is actually written all across his blog. Consider which is Iyov’s favourite language and which is his favourite Bible character. But I won’t spoil the fun by giving the answer here.

  4. DavidR says:

    Just so, Peter! My “Web 2.0” rhyme was the closest I could come without spelling it out (as it were!). Thus my puzzlement….

  5. Suzanne McCarthy says:


    The way I see it is that you are right and the rest of us just have a warped sense of humour.

  6. Iyov says:

    It appears to me that Lingamish must be using a cursive handwriting font on his computer (or perhaps an actual person to write out the contents of the screen) and thus is unable to distinguish between a “v” and a “n“.

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