Hen Scratches 14-07-07

Wayne and Elena have a new granddaughter, name undecided yet! Lingamish is moving this weekend. Peter has made many insightful comments on my recent posts which I will respond to if I can borrow a Prov. 1 – 15 commentary next week.

John Hobbins is making a stab at teaching us Hebrew. I love that last verse, “Love work, hate authority, don’t get too friendly with the government.” Thank you, John.

Iyov continues to post Orlinsky’s notes. Trad., “toward the cool” is unnecessarily free for Heb. le-ruach, which means literally, … “at the breeze of the day.” Thank you, Iyov.

Everyone has something serious to read and I am having a Jane Austen weekend. The mere habit of learning how to love is the thing.

6 thoughts on “Hen Scratches 14-07-07

  1. Peter Kirk says:

    Ah, that’s where Wayne has got to, he hasn’t been raptured after all. Nor has Lingamish, despite his “Don’t leave us here! Take us with you!”, unless that’s what he means by “moving”. There is hope left for us!

  2. Suzanne McCarthy says:

    Too funny. I see the article also points out an interesting similarity between Darcy and our dear commenter.

    Similarly, the citizens of Derbyshire mistook Mr. Darcy’s shyness for aloofness and arrogance.

    Yes, well, an article full of many pithy sayings. Thank you. It is just what I needed for my next Austen book club meeting.

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