1 Cor. 13: 8b -13

Either prophesies, they will be left aside
or tongues they will end
or knowledge it will be left aside.

For in part we know
and in part we prophesy
when the end comes
that which is in part will be left aside.

When I was a child
I talked like a child
I thought like a child
I argued like a child

    But when I became adult
    The things of a child I left aside.

Now we see the enigma
in the looking glass
But then face to face.

Now we know in part
But then we will know
Even as we are known.

As so remain faith, hope and love,
these three things
but the greatest of these



εἴτε δὲ προφητεῖαι καταργηθήσονται
εἴτε γλῶσσαι παύσονται
εἴτε γνῶσις καταργηθήσεται

ἐκ μέρους γὰρ γινώσκομεν
καὶ ἐκ μέρους προφητεύομεν
ὅταν δὲ ἔλθῃ τὸ τέλειον
τὸ ἐκ μέρους καταργηθήσεται

ὅτε ἤμην νήπιος
ἐλάλουν ὡς νήπιος
ἐφρόνουν ὡς νήπιος
ἐλογιζόμην ὡς νήπιος

ὅτε γέγονα ἀνήρ
κατήργηκα τὰ τοῦ νηπίου

βλέπομεν γὰρ ἄρτι
δι’ ἐσόπτρου ἐν αἰνίγματι
τότε δὲ πρόσωπον πρὸς πρόσωπον

ἄρτι γινώσκω ἐκ μέρους
τότε δὲ ἐπιγνώσομαι
καθὼς καὶ ἐπεγνώσθην

νυνὶ δὲ μένει πίστις ἐλπίς ἀγάπη
τὰ τρία ταῦτα
μείζων δὲ τούτων
ἡ ἀγάπη

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