Psalm 68: Commentary

It’s not going to happen anytime soon, but if and when I ever retire, I would love to write a book à la Wolters’ Song of a Valiant Woman. It would be on Psalm 68 and include excerpts or reprints of translations and commentary ever since it was written.

It would be filled with many languages and richly obscure and exotic prose in a form of English usually consigned to the past. It would include Julia Greswell, Neale, Mary Sidney and Erasmus, Luther,and Bucer, Marot and Beza, Pagnini and Vatable, and Kimhi, and Aquinas and everybody else that I haven’t met yet. I have just begun and will collect commentary on this psalm until it fills a book 6 inches thick.

It would include selections in several different writing systems. The psalm would be presented as prose, a poem, a song and a dance. There would even be a wordless version. A better bible is not always every word of the “canon” accumulated in one place. I would take a vertical slice and follow one piece through time.

All contributions are welcome. More on Ps. 68 soon. I am like a pig in mud.

2 thoughts on “Psalm 68: Commentary

  1. Skitter says:

    I feel with you ! I’ve read the Psalm this morning and found such a wealth of goodness,song,dance, music, salvation, beauty and more in it. Yesterday I painted a clay pomogranate I made. It was as if something is still missing, the glistening colour of those ruby pips. Then I read verse 13 of Psa 68 abou the silver and green gold on the dove. I am going to use my great-gran’s real silver glitter I inherited and apply it to my pomogranate and whatch it being transformed. A woman’s group have asked me to pray and seek scripture for them and I can’t wait to give them Psalm 68 verse 13 as encouragement to say: God adorns and blesses the woman with beauty and bounty, He knows their hearts,what they yearn for, He will set them free to appreciate beauty and dance and make music among the victorious in Christ’s train.(My mothertongue not English, excuse the grammar please. I blog at

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