Blame it on your Sidebar

I laughed until I cried. Try out you blog’s reading level. Here is who you are up against.

Me on the BBB (where I am talking to an audience) – Junior High School
Me on Suzanne’s Bookshelf (where I am talking to myself) – Post Grad
Pen and Parchment – Junior High School
Jim West – High School
This post of mine – Undergrad
Iyov – Post Grad
John – Genius

I finally formulated the notion that if you are posting your own prose you might score lower or higher than if you are posting cut and paste copy. So the very curious and somewhat naughty Suzanne put two of Iyov’s posts into this gadget and found out that his own writing scores as Genius, and his cut and paste copy scores as – Genius. Hmm. Must be the sidebar that is dragging him down.
HT: Mike Aubrey

11 thoughts on “Blame it on your Sidebar

  1. Wayne Leman says:

    well, then apparently I listen in on you and your self’s conversations…

    Does that mean that she’s beside herself?


  2. J. K. Gayle says:

    Thanks for the fun, Suzanne.

    What’s funny, Jr High schoolers, is that (the ones posting “the Blog readability test”) also write (for us?) at the Jr High level. Some of my friends writing (of) their genius dissertations, blog for us at Elementary school levels. The professional writer I live with says we do best writing at the 8th grade level. I’ve heard that adding a Greek or Hebrew or native American word, jumps your blog up a grade. And, as Aristotle once said, “Audience is everything (oh, except for the message, and the speaker”).

  3. Gary Zimmerli says:

    I couldn’t believe it when it rated my blog at Post-Grad level; me, a layman and a high school grad!

    Now this morning I find out ElShaddai’s blog is rated at Genius. I have no problem reading it, so does that make me a genius as well???


  4. ElShaddai Edwards says:

    Sigh. I guess I’ve truly managed to lose myself and my blog in a wilderness of words… anyway, I’m doing an informal survey of Blog Reading Levels and translation preferences on my so-called Genius site – I would welcome everyone’s responses when you have a moment.


  5. Chris Weimer says:

    Heh, my team got genius too. I wonder if there’s a real algorithm involved in the processing or if its fake?

    Chris Weimer
    U. Memphis

  6. Suzanne McCarthy says:

    I have been thinking that it could be sentence length, or number of syllables per word. In that case, the blogroll would seriously detract as people’s names are often one or two syllables.

  7. Suzanne McCarthy says:

    That would also mean that those blogs with a longer blogroll would score lower. We need a statistical analysis of this phenomena.

  8. J. K. Gayle says:

    My individual posts are invariably ranked higher than the blog itself. Your theory about the blogroll may be valid, Suzanne.

  9. ElShaddai Edwards says:

    Hmmm… I wrote a few straightforward posts today and now my site scoring at a “High School” reading level, down from “Genius”. Something is awry…

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