Hen Scratches Mar. 27, 2008

There are a few added names on our blogroll, Kevin Sam, a fellow Canadian, has some insightful posts about Bible translation and other things, and Nathan Bierma digs into alliteration. I love it.

My dear friend Lingamish sent me a comment which I promptly forgot to post,

I love this topic. And I think the NRSV is frequently terrific. I’d like to know more about the holiness vocab in this Psalm and if the words are all ruach derivatives. It is an anachronism to have David saying “The Holy Spirit” as if he was perceiving some sort of third person of the trinity. That’s not possible. And I think the capitalization is a distraction to the modern reader since it creates an association that shouldn’t be there.
And I’m a holy roller, by the way.

I will be getting back to the Psalms later but I think that the ruach words relate to the spirit and the qodesh words related to holiness. I wrote a paper on that for last weeks homework so I’ll see if I can post some of it in a few days on my other blog. Scintillating – as homework assignments usually are.

The main action in terms of debate right now is taking place on Iyov’s blog, bless him, here and here. I think you will enjoy the vigour of the argument.

Thanks for all the good comments here on the holy spirit, etc. I haven’t responded much because I don’t know what else to say except to add the post I put up earlier this evening.

And don’t miss the Mysterious Appearance of “Satan” in the book of Job. HT Lingamish.

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