NLT Blog: Words in the New Living Translation

Several times I have wished that there would be a blog to promote the NLT (New Living Translation). Tonight I found out that there is one. In one of its first posts, Keith Williams responds to a post by Tim Challies. Tim prefers the ESV. In his post he criticizes translations like the NLT which are not “essentially literal.” I left a comment on Tim’s post.

5 thoughts on “NLT Blog: Words in the New Living Translation

  1. ElShaddai Edwards says:

    Thanks for the link, Wayne. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Keith, Laura, Kevin and rest of the NLT team.

  2. Wayne Leman says:

    Iyov, someone emailed me that inside info about Tim’s post. Then I spotted a comment on Tim’s post made by the Keith of the NLT Blog. I’m not that quick. Right now I’m sitting outside in the dark in a forested conference grounds near the Canadian border. There is a weak wi-fi signal which we can pick up if we carry our laptops around to different spots. It’s a bummer that I can’t get the wi-fi signal in the nice bedroom my wife and I got assigned. I had no wi-fi signal all day as I drove to the conference. But then it was safer that I didn’t!! I don’t do well trying to multitask. I don’t even like to talk on my cell phone while driving.

  3. Suzanne McCarthy says:

    I have made a comment on Tim’s blog as well. It is interesting that most people are unaware that there are two Greek words for ” blessed” so if one becomes “happy” instead that is not necessarily a nose dive into illiteracy.

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