More NLT buzz

No, that’s not a variation on a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich!

Here are a couple of places where people are talking about the NLT:

Tyndale seems to be doing a lot of things right in the marketing of this Bible version. They’ve avoided firestorms while also coming out with a lot of attractive editions of their Bible. The CEV by the American Bible Society and the TNIV by Zondervan seem to be struggling to gain momentum by comparison.

Any other buzz out there about the NLT?

BTW I heard that all the review copies of the NLT Study Bible have been sent out.


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6 thoughts on “More NLT buzz

  1. CD-Host says:

    Well for the CEV the ABS has done a very poor job of marketing. I’m really not sure why they don’t offer online .pdfs they even had a Luke sampler print version no reason that shouldn’t be online. And Zondervan isn’t marketing the TNIV nearly as well as they should be. But then again they may not care if people buy an NIV or a TNIV.

    In terms of Tyndale no question they have done a fantastic job of engaging people without alienating. Tyndale should give Keith, Sean, Mark, Kevin and Laura high praise for marketing their product well without making enemies. If you look at threads from April vs. threads today you can see what a good job they’ve done in winning people over. Virtually ever blogger I read has upgraded their evaluation of the NLT and/or NTLSB in the last quarter.

  2. Ted M. Gossard says:

    It’s good to see that the NLT is doing so well. But as one who likes to read scholarly studies and believes the NRSV has value with reference to such, yet still wants a translation that can communicate well to the public, I’m still not sold on the NLT. And it really doesn’t matter, because if alot of people get into the word because of it, it’s worthwhile.

    I don’t think the TNIV should be written off so quickly. Things can turn around in time. Down the road I can see bookstores changing their minds, when the old guard is gone. In the mean time, my denomination uses the TNIV at least on their website: The Evangelical Covenant Church.

    I just think the NLT for me loses too much of the feel of the original, whereas the TNIV retains something of that yet communicates clearly.

    That being said, I’m glad the NLT is doing well, and it looks like the Holman Christian Standard Bible has taken sales away from the ESV, if either was hoping to usurp the NIV. A kingdom divided cannot stand! (not a totally fair statement in that, though some truth, I think!)

  3. exegete77 says:

    It seems that all the servers for NLT have been down for the past three days. Anyone else able to get to any of the sites for the NLT?

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