PodBible on Facebook

Tim Bulkeley has just put the PodBible on Facebook, in addition to its usual spot on the Internet. If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, they are free. And there are some Bible programs, as well as some fun games. (I’ve become quite a fan of several of them, Scramble, Guess the Word, Prolific, Scrabble, etc.).

The PodBible is audio recordings which were made of volunteers reading the CEV around the clock in New Zealand a couple of years ago. I have appreciated these recordings and hope that many others do also. I have blogged about the PodBible in the past but am always glad to mention it again.

There is something special about exposing ourselves to the Bible in new media. Most of us are accustomed to reading it. It’s good to hear it. And with video productions of much of the Bible, it’s good to hear and see it.

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