oh boy!

I have not noticed any commentary on this post but likely I have just been out of it. Mark Roberts examines the recent changes in the Presbyterian Exegesis exam. He has written three posts on the changes to the Presbyerian Exegesis exam. It starts here.

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog to Bring You a Special Report: Presbyterian Exegesis Exam Changed

When I took the exegesis exam in the 1980s, it was a four-hour “open book” exam. Candidates were allowed to use any tools or helps they could bring, including dictionaries, grammars, concordances, commentaries, etc. At some point during the last twenty years, the exam was changed to a “take home” exam, in which candidates were given several days to finish it. I actually thought this was a positive change, since it did not place a premium on academic speed. Moreover, it provided candidates with a situation that was similar to that which they’d face as pastors, with a few days to work on a sermon.

Now, the exam itself and the way it will be graded have been changed in a couple of crucial ways. Here’s what I have learned from the PC(USA) website:

1. The demonstration of a working knowledge of Greek and/or Hebrew will no longer be a requirement in order to complete the examination successfully. When exams are graded, the readers will comment on the language facility which is demonstrated in the paper. Such comments will be offered as guidance for Committees on Preparation for Ministry in determining readiness for ministry.

2. The wording of the instructions for the Biblical Exegesis examination have been amended. Inquirers/candidates will be asked to offer “a faithful interpretation” of the assigned text, rather than “the principal meaning” of the text.

Read the series of posts here.

2 thoughts on “oh boy!

  1. prophetsandpopstars says:

    I just finished the exam today. While I’m fairly strong exegete, this was wild. It took 3 days to produce 13 pages of answers to 6 questions. I still needed Hebrew (and a little Greek). I can’t imagine how a person would have pulled it off without the language. The instructions did allow, however, for one to simply use an english translation, but there were so many questions focused on the text critical issues…I don’t know how you’d have pulled it off.

    At any rate, glad it’s over and the world can blog about it. Peace

  2. Suzanne McCarthy says:

    Thanks for dropping by. I wrote an exegesis paper last spring, lots of time to do it, but it had to have 50 pages and cover early church, medieval, reformation, 18-19 century and modern. Plus lots of Hebrew. Only one psalm. I turned it in in May and I have not yet got it back.

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