Young Guns on Bible Translation

While this neck of the blogosphere has started to resemble tap-dancing night at the senior center, there are numerous bloggers out there who are cranking up the amps and staying up late blogging about Better Bibles. There are so many posts that I can’t keep track, but I should mention:

ElShaddai Edwards: He’s got a new web address: (it used to be .net) and is putting out a lot of fine posts like this one: What makes a Bible translation authoritative? which is an interaction with Kevin Sam (What are the most authoritative translations?)

TC Robinson: is a blogging maniac these days. He makes me look like a haiku poet. Here’s a good BT post: My First Blind Comparison: What Striking Similarities, I say!

Carolyn James is a new discovery thanks to the massive compendium of shared posts at Her post The Dictionary According to Jesus is full of gems. Key terms according to Jesus. Who would’ve thought?

Rick Mansfield: He probably shouldn’t be listed since a. He’s older than the hills and b. He’s been blogging for a coon’s age. But after a long hiatus he’s been blogging again like crazy. Here’s the hot one: Understanding Matthew 5:28 [updated]

Finally, we can all be glad that Mike Aubrey has taken up the baton again. Here’s a rumination on BT: A Few Thoughts on the Translation Debate. Now if we can just get Nathan Stitt to start blogging again…

Who are some other hot shots and rising stars out there that are blogging about Bible translation?

14 thoughts on “Young Guns on Bible Translation

  1. J. K. Gayle says:

    Yes, get Nathan Stitt back. Good to see you around, Mike.

    And, young David Ker, you neglected your Behemoth (–isn’t it she with the tusks who showed you the fantastic Dictionary according to Jesus and the Ezer Warrior-ess of Carolyn Custis James?

  2. David Ker says:

    That beautyofthebible is intense. One year on a single verse!

    BTW, I have hidden the behemoth for the time being since it served its purpose and we’ve now moved on to other things…

  3. Nathan Stitt says:

    Thank you for mentioning me. Unfortunately my time is still being held hostage to my new career and the commute that goes with it. That leaves me just enough free time to spend with my family for now. I still read and comment on occasion in the various blogs so I’m around.

    I have been toying with the idea of trying to force myself to create posts in 15 minutes or less just to keep content on my blog. Hmm, maybe I’ll make a quick post asking for suggestions on how to blog w/o spending hours at it. My fear is that I’m too much of a perfectionist though.

    Great list of bloggers by the way, love ’em. 😉

  4. Nathan Stitt says:

    Quick update. Since yesterday I’ve experimented with trying to do posts in less than 15 minutes and it’s actually pretty easy. Thanks for inspiring me to jump start my blogging again David.

  5. David Ker says:

    I hope this doesn’t cause you to lose your job and have to blog under a bridge. That’s what happened to me.

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