Better Bibles at Berkeley


I had a wonderful time at the UC Berkeley campus. In addition to meeting with several students from the School of Information who are doing research related to my interests I also got to meet a fellow Bible blogger who prefers to remain anonymous. I met another blogger as well, Richard Rhodes. It was terrific to chat linguistics, Bible translation and meet someone who I have admired for quite some time.

Rich and I talked about some ideas for Better Bibles Blog. Where is it headed? How can it be improved? Some ideas included cleaning up the cluttered sidebar, inviting new contributors, or possibly changing to a new platform. It was exciting for me to see that Rich is still quite enthusiastic about BBB and is open to innovation. If he doesn’t post more often you have to understand that he is a busy professor with administrative responsibilities in addition to an amazing array of civic and church responsibilities.

Thanks, to Rich and all the others that I was able to meet at Berkeley!

rich and dak

Photo: Rich Rhodes and David Ker model Berkeleyan hosery.

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