Faith does not come by hearing (Rom. 10:17) — P.S.

I have withdrawn my post on this topic, due to some errors I made. Hopefully I can rescue the essential point of the original, revise it, and re-post it. The basic notion was correct that in English there needs to be an explicit object after the gerund “hearing”. A gerund is a verbal noun which can function as a noun, yet can take objects as does a verb.

2 thoughts on “Faith does not come by hearing (Rom. 10:17) — P.S.

  1. exegete77 says:

    Of course, Rom 10:17 does include the object, “the word of Christ”.

    Maybe I can wait for your entire discussion, eh? LOL


  2. Wayne Leman says:

    Thanks for your comment, Rich. I have revised my post and re-posted it. The point of my post is that the underlying Greek is transitive: there is an object, as you correctly point out and as I noted in both my original and revised post. But the first instance of the Greek noun for hearing lacks and object, something which English syntax requires for “hear” or “hearing”. Let’s shift any further discussion to the revised post.

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