3 thoughts on “This is what can happen if you translate by e-mail …

  1. Wayne Leman says:

    Well, I know that some translation teams now do use email. Actually, I do, as I check translations for some non-English translation projects.

    But I would hope that any email glitches would not be as bad as that translation error told by BBC.

  2. Peter Kirk says:

    Yes, Wayne, I too have done a lot of translation work by e-mail.

    To be more serious, the danger is in using texts which you don’t understand yourself – also perhaps in writing your out of office message in a minority language! The problem seems to be that in the bilingual city of Abertawe aka Swansea (home town by the way of the bilingual Archbishop Rowan Williams) some officials are monolingual in English whereas others have a possibly ideological commitment to using Welsh only.

    I note that the BBC article has been updated with some further examples of road sign translation errors.

  3. Dru says:

    This one is a real gem which has caused great amusement on local radio and television channels in the west of England as well.

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