No longer faceless Bible bloggers

Tim Bulkeley claims to have revealed the true appearance of the authors of this blog. But I think he has confused our pictures with some Kiwi Halloween masks. Here are some real images, taken from Blogger profiles (linked directly from our sidebar, so nothing is being covered up):

Wayne Leman

Wayne Leman

Peter Kirk

Peter Kirk

Rich Rhodes

Rich Rhodes

Mike Sangrey

Mike Sangrey

Dan Sindlinger

David Ker

David Ker (or maybe not!)


6 thoughts on “No longer faceless Bible bloggers

  1. Mike Sangrey says:

    I just want everyone to know that the best looking people produce Better Bibles.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s an obvious problem (don’t tell my wife); but, this needed said to keep us on topic.

    In any case, you think I should part my hair? Maybe a little color under the eyes might help. Hmmmmmm.

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