Frankly, I need to introduce David

Let’s give a warm welcome to David Frank, the newest member to join the BBB blogging team. David blogged the preceding post, which will have one or more followup posts.

I have known David for quite a few years. I have appreciated his thoughtful comments about Bible translation that he posts on a private email discussion list.

If you’d like to know more about David, click on the link to his name in the margin of this blog.

Thanks for joining the team, David.

4 thoughts on “Frankly, I need to introduce David

  1. David Frank says:

    Wayne had suggested I introduce myself, but I got impatient and skipped the self-introduction to get right to the topic I wanted to discuss.

    I should explain sometime that I have a special interest in creole languages, both in terms of linguistics and translation, and in terms of their community of speakers. I have been involved in two Bible translation projects: St. Lucian French Creole and Gullah.

  2. Wayne Leman says:

    David K., you might need to refresh your browser cache. There seem to be two David Frank accounts on WordPress. You need the one that has the middle initial “b”.

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