6 thoughts on “ESV revisions

  1. Kevin Walker says:

    Honestly, and this seems a bit superficial, whenever I go into a bookstore, I look at the ESV Bibles and think: “Hey, they’ve got some cool designs out right now, maybe I should think about getting one.” So, I pick up the Bible, flip through, start reading… and immediately put it back down.
    There’s just something about the way it’s translated. I keep thinking that the TNIV is a much better choice; although, I’m still using the NIV.

  2. Keith Williams says:

    I checked a few of the ESVs around the office, and the edition on my shelf (first edition hardcover that Crossway gave away at ETS in 2001) has “under the power of sin,” but a copy we have on our reference shelf from 2005 has “under sin.”

    So apparently there were some other “silent” changes before the 2007 ESV update. Good catch, Josh.

  3. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert says:

    Basically the changes in the ESV Bible Text have been minimal. But how long that will last is in question? I prefer the ESV 2001, and also use the 2007, since I have the Black Premium Calfskin 2007. But I also have the ESV Study Bible Premium Calfskin, Black which also 2007. And I have a cheap 2011 revision.

    In my A.M. Devotions I actually use and read my Greek NT. But then this goes back to the promise to read your Greek NT in the old ordination statement at one’s Anglican/presbyter ordination. And I am really a classic conservative Brit also. Though now semi-retired at 64, (65 in Oct.)

    Btw I have got almost every known English translation, and paraphrase, known to man! This includes the Cotton Patch Version, William Barclay’s NT, to the R.V. (1884, OT / 1880, NT! Yes, I even have too the TNIV in “Renaissance Fine Leather, Black). As the Genuine Leather NET Bible (Black). I will spare you the long list! 😉 But, I do have an old leather Cambridge, KJV with Apocrypha, that many of my pastor friends covet! 🙂

    But without doubt, my most used Bible is my ESV Study Bible, with my ESV Reference, 2001!

    Btw, I am in the USA, now, for about five years. My little brother (bigger than I), is now an American citizen. He was an American Marine, 1980’s. And I am too, a retired RMC, Royal Marine Commando officer, Captain. (A Mustang, Intell & Recon) My last service was Gulf War 1. Our Father, RIP was an old WW II pilot, (Spitfire’s). Yes we come from some conservative Irish Brit’s (Anglo-Irish, etc.), though I was born in Dublin, Ireland.

    Note, the NIV’84 crowd is alive and well, and of course mostly Americans!

    Rock On, mates!

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