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image I know it sounds like I’m speaking gibberish. But I did want to put in a little plug for futurebible.org. Tim Bulkeley, who many of you know, and a number of other very interesting people who you probably don’t, have been working with me on this “visionary” thing. Is it related to Better Bibles? Yes, in a way I think it is. We’re interested in things like "grassroots distribution of the Bible through mobile phones” and “the Bible of the future and the future of the Bible.” The PodBible is one such project that I think typifies the futurebible. A podcast created by hundreds of speakers and distributed for free over the Internet by kind permission of the publisher of the CEV. You see, the Bible of the future is probably not going to be a black book with gilded pages. The era of Guttenberg is fast fading and something new is replacing it. The Internet is a part of that. The idea of “free” sharing of data is part of that. Mashups and startups and social media are all part of what the Bible is becoming in this generation.

If you hear of interesting ways that people are “repackaging” the Bible to make it more accessible we’d love to hear about it. You can always send us a note at futurebible [at] gmail [dot] com or visit futurebible at Twitter: http://twitter.com/futurebible. The blog is here: futurebible.org.

Here’s an article that I wrote on futurebible recently about a project that I’m starting this year in Mozambique: The Shift In Mozambique.

We’re interested in all forms of media: print, audio, radio, Internet. So if you hear of something cool, let us know.

5 thoughts on “futurebible on Twitter

  1. Glenn says:

    We are a long way from “The era of Guttenberg is fast fading” because although all these new ways of getting the Word of God out there are okay, in there place, the good (so called old fashioned) book does not require batteries or electricity of any kind.

    The vagaries of local power sources in non ‘First World’ countries cannot interfere with a book (except at night possibly)

    Carrying around a solar charger or equivalent is not required if ‘out in the sticks’

    It wont break if dropped and can even survive being dropped into water.

  2. David Ker says:

    Glenn, you got that right. I still prefer reading books despite my techie side. 🙂

    Errancy, many of the publishers and Bible societies are extremely open with the use of their translations. Translations like CEV and NET have less restrictions than a translation like NIV or ESV that have publication rights granted to a publisher. Among the many thousands of minority languages the possibility is even easier since translation agencies like the one I work with and Bible societies work very closely to preserve and distribute minority language translations. That’s actually the niche I’m most interested in for futurebible since there are already a plethora of possibilities for the major languages.

  3. Glenn says:

    Sorry to be picky David, but there are 2 x n in my name not one.

    It might not qualify as the “Public Domain”, but e-Sword Bible Study software is free and CEV, NET, ESV and others are free with it.

    BerBible is another one with a good selection of Bibles free.

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