What thinkest thou?

Which is the better Bible?

Jon at ASBO Jesus wonders:

now… i know ‘holy’ means set apart for god… i know ‘bible’ means book… and i believe ‘holy bible’ is simply a way of letting us all know which book it is. ie. as a collection of books it has no other name. it’s a book about what many regard to be ‘holy’ things… cool.  there are many who would go further and say the text ‘is’ holy… inerrant in any way… they take ‘holy to mean ‘literal’ in instances i may not. phrases like ‘the word of god’ are used a lot…  it seems to me, at best, the bible may be argued to contain the word of god as perceived by men. so… what do we think?

Jon’s blog has the most amazing comment threads so I encourage you to go check out what people are saying there. In fact, I’m closing comments on this just so if you’re dying to say something you have to visit his blog.