Take a look at the future

I’ve been fiendishly working away on several online projects. One that might be of interest to many BBB readers is the new futurebible.org site. Previously, futurebible was a basic blog with links to innovative presentations of the Bible and editorials on how to make the Bible more accessible to people around the world. The new futurebible site carries that idea forward but is an improvement in at least two ways. First, it’s a user-generated directory of the vast number of presentations of the Bible in print, audio, Internet, mobile, arts and performance. Second, the site is now much more attractive and interactive, with a discussion forum and the ability to share what you discover at futurebible with others on Facebook, Twitter and more.

You can visit the site here: http://futurebible.org

What I’d really appreciate is if you would take a look and see how we can improve this site. Tim Bulkeley has been instrumental in envisioning what this site should be like while I’ve been the one putting it all together. Now we need collaboration from people all over the world to share links to interesting ways that the Bible is being distributed and used.

The vision statement for futurebible is:

Seven Billion Bibles. Dreaming about a future when everyone has a Bible in a language they understand and a format they can access.

Go take a look. Share some feedback. And share a link to include in the directory.


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