The Word: he, she or it?

My new post The Word: he, she or it? may be of interest to some readers here – but not to those who are irritated by discussions of how gender relates to translation. I discuss what Suzanne McCarthy has found, that the Word in John 1:1-14 has been referred to as “it”, and in French even as “she” (elle). I conclude as follows:

I would suggest that better Bibles in modern English should return to a modernised version of the reading in Matthew’s Bible, as here in verse 3:

All thinges were made by it
and wythout it
was made nothynge that was made.

One thought on “The Word: he, she or it?

  1. Robert Roberg says:

    Certainly every English translation prior to the Catholic Duai Rheims translated the Logos as “IT”

    The says the logos (Ma’mar) was Wisdom God’s first born angel. Philo says “it” (since angels have no gender) is the chief of the angels.

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