Modern Bible versions verses quiz

I made another quiz for Facebook today. It is titled “Modern Bible versions verses.” It was interesting making the quiz. I discovered how similar many modern Bible versions are in their wordings of verses to the wordings in the KJV from which I memorized those verses when I was a child. To make the quiz as fair as possible to the most number of people who might take the quiz, I did not quote the most idiomatic of modern versions, such as the CEV or The Message. But even the New Living Translation, which some consider almost a paraphrase (which it is not), stayed fairly close to the traditional wordings of many of the best known and most often memorized Bible verses.

I chose from several different modern Bible versions including NRSV, NIV, TNIV, ESV, and NLT. The key word needed to fill in the blank for any of the verses should be easily remembered by anyone who has done a fair amount of Scripture memory in one of the most used pew Bibles, such as the KJV, RSV, and NIV.

Click here if you would like to take my latest quiz. And feel free to comment on it beneath this blog post.

3 thoughts on “Modern Bible versions verses quiz

  1. Bible quizzing says:

    Yes I’ve noticed that there is much more agreement than disagreement among versions.

    Our quiz group uses the NIV to memorize , but each individual can use any version for personal use, and many different versions are represented.

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