Write your own paraphrase

Will Adair has just blogged Write Your Own Message Bible. Will lists a number of ideas for how we can better understand the Bible and personalize it:

  • Go to your pastor(s) for guidance explaining your study desires and ask that he be available for when you get “stuck”.
  • Use a translation like the NIV or ESV. Or possibly start with the NIV then move to the ESV or NASB, for example.
  • Get a how to study book like How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.
  • Set aside time to study whether your devotional time or another time.
  • Journal your own paraphrases on selected passages as you pray and work through the Bible.
  • Memorize Scripture too as you work through understanding it.

Although the process Will describes is not Bible translation from the original biblical languages, it is still a valuable part of the process of “translating” the Bible so that we can better understand it and live out its teachings.

Someone has said, the only Bible that some will have is the one that we live out (= “translate” into life) for them.

I want to be a better Bible translation for others.

One thought on “Write your own paraphrase

  1. Theophilus says:

    Here are a couple of more ideas.

    1. Maker sure you are a Christian (with God’s indwelling Holy Spirit)
    2. And pray for understanding and illumination by the Holy Spirit.
    3. Read the KJV and use a Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.
    4. KJV is easier to memorize because of the natural rhythm and syncopation built-in and it is the most accurate English translation.

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