16 thoughts on “The Expanded Bible New Testament

  1. CD-Host says:

    You may want to fix this post, the video is missing. Not sure but I hope this video (link to video) is what you wanted. Anyway the bible is available for free:
    Free online version

    This bible seems like a new version of the AMP. I like the idea of the AMP though the execution can be kind of weak. This seems to offer somewhat better execution.

  2. Wayne Leman says:

    You may want to fix this post, the video is missing.

    The video is displayed and works fine in both of the browsers I checked: Firefox 3.5 and IE8.

    What browser are you using, CD-Host? Maybe I can figure out a fix for your browser.

  3. CD-Host says:

    Interesting it just disappeared again when I posted and the youtube link stopped working (on my post) for about 30 seconds. OK the problem is on the youtube side.

  4. codepoke says:

    I don’t think this should be compared to the Amped bible. The PDF looks like a usable, readable quick reference into the things I usually use a web resource to do. I’m impressed.

    Of course, it doesn’t bother to include the Majority Text rendering in any notes on the verse I checked, but that’s not a surprise. 🙂

  5. Ken Berry says:

    It is a modified version of the New Century Version, as they state in the introduction.

  6. EricW says:

    Got my free copy in the mail the other day as one of the first 200 who posted about it on my blog and offered a review of sorts. It’s the hardback edition, too, despite the fact that the offer as stated was for a free paperback edition.

  7. EricW says:


    It looks identical to the PDFs. I actually find that reading it in book form is not as cumbersome or laborious as I thought it would be from reading the PDFs. One can easily learn to stick with reading just the bold-faced type (i.e., the NCV text) while ignoring the inserted bracketed [ ]comments, only stopping to read them where one wants to. If one can trust the NCV translation as supplemented by the L (Literal) comments and alternate (or) translations to be faithful renderings of the Greek, I think this could be a useful study Bible (NT only so far) for those who do not know NT Greek. Assuming I don’t find any glaring problems, I’ll likely be recommending it to people. It should be in stores very soon so you can see it “in the flesh.”

  8. EricW says:

    FYI, in response to my query/comment re: whether or not they would do a similar expanded translation of the Old Testament, Wayne Hastings of Thomas Nelson confirmed that the OT of The Expanded Bible should be published in about 2 years, so we’ll then have a complete Bible.

  9. E.K. says:

    I get the distinct impression that none of you are very impressed with this NT. I was hoping to find more comments.

    Why so down on the NCV?

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