translation tribalism

Scot McKnight posted some humorous yet provocative thoughts on (Bible) translation tribalism. The comments on Scot’s post are funny. It’s probably good to lighten up and laugh about how we get too serious about Bible versions sometimes.

Have you belonged to a translation tribe at some stage(s) of your life?

(UPDATE: Scot will blog on NIV translation issues this coming week, so check out his Jesus’ Creed blog for his usual informative and irenic posts on this timely Bible translation topic. Click here for Scot’s first post in this series.)

2 thoughts on “translation tribalism

  1. Esteban Vázquez says:

    I have only belonged (and still belong) to one translation tribe, and one only: that of Spanish-speaking readers of the Reina-Valera 1960. In fact, when the RVR 1995 came out, I was mortified in the extreme to have reacted with nothing short of unmitigated horror to some of the changes I encountered — “Gasp! These evildoers changed my Bible!” 😉

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