The Pot of Gold

pot o gold

Better Bibles Blog is an Internet pot of gold. As a Bible translator, I have learned a lot from reading, commenting and even contributing to this blog.

If you have some gold to contribute, you can show your appreciation and help in raising $30 toward the domain and custom CSS. If you enjoy BBB and would like to contribute toward keeping it going this is your chance to chip in some moolah. This year, we thought we could start out with fellow bloggers on who can donate through the Upgrades>Gifts section. You can donate a minimum of $5 through PayPal.

If you can see “My Account” at the top of this page, you’re signed in and ready to go. Click on Global Dashboard and visit Upgrades>Gifts to get started. If you want to signup so you can contribute, click here:

If you’d like to make a contribution in some other way feel free to contact any of the contributors of this blog.

Many thanks for chipping in.

David Ker

For the Better Bibles Gang

P.S. Last year we actually raised slightly more than we needed so this year we only need to raise $25.

Update: One contributor donated directly through PayPal. So that’s an option for those of you without a WordPress account.

4 thoughts on “The Pot of Gold

  1. Bitsy Griffin says:

    I hate to be a complete ditz, but apparently I am. I’ve put betterbibles and Better Bibles Blog (with and without spaces) and just the url in the User Name field and gotten this message back every time, “That user was not found”

    I know it would work better if the user were found! So, I obviously need some help here.

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