WordPress done me wrong.

And I’m singing this blues song.

You nice folks gave some gifts.
But WordPress is causing rifts.

image OK, I better give up the bluesman stuff and just tell you what’s going on. Since we started this fundraising campaign using the WordPress gift program, a couple of people contributed toward the cost of this blog’s domain name and custom CSS. Then WordPress suspended their gift program. Now Wayne and I are trying to find out what happened to those gifts and how we can apply them to these fees.

This morning I renewed the domain for $14.97 out of my own funds. I wasn’t even able to use credit in my PayPal account for the purchase. I’m not sighing. I’m not crying. But this really shouldn’t be so difficult. (Oops, there goes the bluesman again)

I think it’s better to keep Better Bibles Blog on the WordPress.com service because they take care of upgrades, etc. But that does mean we need to pay about $30 per year for the domain and the custom CSS. Feel free to let us know if you’ve got a suggestion on how this might be easier and cheaper.

imageSpeaking of the blues, there’s a close connection in the Bible between the blues and joy. Maybe a Better Bible would translate some of the Psalms like twelve-bar blues.

10 thoughts on “WordPress done me wrong.

  1. drew says:

    Nonetheless, you still love WordPress enough to spell its name with a capital P like they request!

    $30/year for “custom CSS”?! That’s a joke. You should email me.

  2. Wayne Leman says:

    David, I can’t figure out how to renew the CSS subscription so I have sent you $$ via PayPal for it. I find no gifts from BBB readers in my PayPal account. I hope the gifts that did come in haven’t vanished into the ether. Either ether or neither! 🙂

    If we need to do direct gifting to PayPal accounts from now on to keep BBB looking and functioning nicely, we can give out that info.

  3. Bob says:

    Well, I have hosting from dreamhost.com and the plan is unlimited space / unlimited domains / unlimited bandwidth so I would gladly host ya’ll for free along with the rest of my clients. I host a non-profit that helps run Christian camps (http://www.prescampsforever.org/), my friend’s blog (kristianawrites.com), a friend’s small business (stickysounds.com), and my seminary’s home page (urbanaseminary.org). You could still own and control the domain but just point the nameservers to my host, and then I can give you a login and database access. Or I could help you duplicate your exact setup right now (wordpress and everything). Basically, I’m offering ya’ll free hosting if you would like it. Feel free to email me if you’d like to discuss this more.

  4. Lloyd Budd says:

    Hi David, Member of the WordPress.com team here. Sorry for the confusion. We recently upgraded our payment system. Anyway, we have to do right by the code of the blues, so I’ve renewed the CSS Upgrade saving you a five spot.

    I’ve closed the support ticket. Please contact us if anything else run amuck, Lloyd

  5. David Ker says:

    Lloyd, that’s great news!

    Hey, Wayne! Thanks for the fifteen bucks. 8) I’d take my girl out on the town but she says she’d rather stay home and listen to me play the guitar. Where’s the blues in that? (BTW, I’ll get the PayPal refund figured out.)

  6. Dimitri Grekoff says:

    “Maybe a Better Bible would translate some of the Psalms like twelve-bar blues.”
    PLEASE let this be for real! I’ve been thinking the sixth Psalm is blues material.

  7. T.C. Robinson says:

    Well, I’m paying #30 right now, but I plan to only renew just my domain name and move to a different theme. CSS update is not worth the extra $15, when so many themes are available. 😉

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