another BBB blogger needed

Would any of you who visit this blog be interested in joining it as a blogger? If so, please email me privately for an interview: wayne dot leman at gmail dot com

Each of us BBB bloggers is so busy with our work that we are not able to post as often as is needed to keep a blog like this going well.

Someone who blogs here would need to have some scholarly background and/or work experience in some area that is relevant to Bible translation.

One thought on “another BBB blogger needed

  1. Deborah L. Gray says:

    I will say when I heard this tranlation was in the process I questioned. Reading your blog and in comparison with the examples you provided as well as mine. Clearly along with all the hard work something more important is being exercised here. Decernment and the Holy Spirit.
    Sad to say Christains everywhere in the USA beleive and trust in their way is GOD”S way!
    This most needed in the USA. Bravo!!!

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