introducing new blogger, Iver Larsen

I have known Iver Larsen for many years through email exchanges. He recently agreed to join the blogging staff here at Better Bibles. I’m glad he did. Iver has a sharp mind for Bible translation, both for accuracy and other issues required for the Bible to be adequately translated. Iver says this about himself:

I was born and grew up in Denmark. In 1972 I completed a M.Sc. in physics and mathematics specializing in computer science. Later I took training in practical linguistics, literacy and Bible translation in the UK, and after moving to Kenya in 1977, I did a M.A. in linguistics at the University of Nairobi. My wife, Alice, is a teacher by profession and we have four children and four grandchildren. They all live in Denmark.

I have worked in Bible translation for many years and have been a translation consultant since 1991. My wife and I were asked to revise the Living Bible in Danish, and the New Living Translation of the whole Bible was published in 2007.

We still live and work in Kenya.

The next blog post will be by Iver. Please welcome Iver to BBB and feel free to engage him in discussion. We will all benefit from the exchanges.

2 thoughts on “introducing new blogger, Iver Larsen

  1. exegete77 says:

    Greetings, Iver. Good that you have joined the team. Interesting parallel, my background was mathematics and physics, graduating in 1971. I taught in those subjects for two years, then my life detoured into Navy Intelligence for 9+ years before heading to seminary.

    Look forward to your contributions.

    Rich Shields

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