Jim West plugs the NLT

Further proof that we’re living in a crazy world: one of the most outspoken critics of modern Bible translations has some nice things to say about the New Living Translation:

it’s a pretty good translation. i have two ‘test passages’ for any translation – jeremiah 25, and romans 8.

if translators can do justice to these two passages (both of which are very significant) then more than likely they’ve done a good job throughout. but if they bungle these two sections, chances are pretty good they will bungle most.

so, that said, the nlt handles those test texts well enough.

From: Tyndale Is Launching a New Site

This week while away from my Contemporary English Version I’ve been reading the NLT and have enjoyed it so much that I considered pinching the copy I found at our office. Fortunately the book is so big that it won’t fit in my luggage and so I won’t be guilty of stealing a Bible.

10 thoughts on “Jim West plugs the NLT

  1. Joel H. says:

    I’m not particularly impressed with the NLT or the CEV translation of Jeremiah 25 (as I discuss here), because they both introduce new ideas in 25:6-7. The CEV starts off with “I don’t want to harm you,” which the Hebrew doesn’t say. And the NLT ends with “bringing on yourselves all the disasters you now suffer,” which the Hebrew likewise doesn’t say.


  2. WoundedEgo says:

    I’m at a loss as to why Jer 25 stands out as key to anything. It is the usual “I’m going to smite” stuff. What, pray tell, makes it a key passage?

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