NLT contest expanded


Thanks for alerting me to the fact that our NLT contest was open only to U.S. residents. I agree with your concerns. Obviously we did not intend to be ethnocentric. As my colleague [L.B.] indicates below, we were simply trying to be conservative regarding some costs. We have now changed the rules to make the program open to essentially anyone in the world (with certain legal restrictions).

All the best.
Mark Taylor

And this is an earlier email to Mark from one of Tyndale’s NLT promotional employees:

Here is the link to the revised rules:

The part that will seem strange about this is a few restrictions on specific countries. This is due to Facebook’s rules (see section 2: that a contest cannot be run or promoted on Facebook if the contest is open to participants from those countries. There is also a restriction which states that residents of Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, or US territories cannot enter. That is because of laws specific to those places.

The original decision to restrict participation to those living in the US was simply because of shipping costs, as we will be shipping nearly 50 prizes. But we do agree that it’s the better decision to make it more generally available, despite impact on our budget.


5 thoughts on “NLT contest expanded

  1. Davis says:

    Can someone try and explain what a translation of the Bible has to do with a trip to Hawaii? How about a trip to Nigeria where the winner has to spend their life translating the Bible into one of the hundreds of languages that still need a translation?

  2. David McKay says:

    I was able to get The Common English Bible folk to change their Americans Only rule a day or so ago. They were giving away free copies of their New Testament, but only to Americans.

    This gripes us Aussies, because it is so common.

    I know that opening something up to a potential 300 million peopel is a different kettle of fish from opening it up to 6 billion people, but when you advertise something on the global internet and then, in fine print, restrict it to US citizens, it comes across as rudeness to us genteel Aussies…

    [By the way, I’m guessing they can’t allow citizens of Rhode Island to participate, for fear of being got at by the Rhode Island Reds… Thanks, Foghorn Leghorn]

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