Bill Mounce, a member of the CBT responsible for revising the NIV, just blogged on his experience with the CBT this summer. As far as I know, this is the first public word about this summer’s work on the NIV2011. We don’t yet have any details about that work, but Mounce’s thoughts on accuracy in translation, after his summer’s experience, are interesting and helpful.

HT: Rick Mansfield

8 thoughts on “NIV2011

  1. Theophrastus says:

    I don’t think Robert Mounce is on the committee. I think his son Bill Mounce is. (The post claims to be written by Bill Mounce.)

    I did notice that the recently added a women member (Dr. Jeannine K. Brown) and an Asian member (Dr. Paul Swarup) — where as previously it was all white men. Since the two new members look highly qualified, I think this is a welcome development.

  2. Wayne Leman says:

    Theo, you’re right, it’s Bill Mounce that’s on the CBT. I caught that mistake and corrected it a couple of minutes after I first published this post. Thanks for catching the error so quickly yourself also.

  3. Robert Mounce says:

    It use to be that Bill Mounce was Bob’s son; now it is that Bob Mounce is Bill’s dad. As someone said, It is a short distance from “Who’s Who” to “Whose he?” As a side note however, I, Bob, the old guy” was on the original CBT (1965).

  4. Daniel Goepfrich says:

    As “every Scripture is inspired by God,” the original words were chosen because of the specific meaning they conveyed to the original audience. A “literal” translation, then, should care as much about the meaning of the words as the words themselves.


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