A camel is a horse designed by a committee

Know any other good committee jokes?

The BBB gang has been working behind the scenes to reformulate our long-standing “Posting Guidelines” which are at the top of the sidebar of this blog. When we say “posting” we are referring to our writers but also to you our beloved readers and commenters. If a committee is twelve people doing the work of one, then a blog without commenters is just somebody talking to themselves. (Sorry, I think a committee could have come up with a better joke than that one)

For a while now we’ve been wanting to make our posting guidelines more concise and specifically encourage our authors and commenters to… be more concise.

So that’s what the committee was working on behind the scenes. I have to say we certainly achieved our objective and made the posting guidelines shorter. What was once a whopping 130 words has now been reduced to a lean 53 words. In fact, if our posting guidelines were on Twitter we could fit them into 2.5 tweets.

In the coming days, I’m going to be posting (concisely) about our guidelines and I hope you’ll share your own thoughts about posting guidelines. What makes a good post? What makes a good comment? What gets you excited and what sends you running?

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