A Bible reading plan for Advent

The Advent season has begun. YouVersion has an interesting program where you can sign up and read a passage of Scripture each day of the season. Readings are accompanied by commentary. This program is distinctive because you can sign up and receive updates and reminders online, through email or on your mobile phone.

I like this quote from the opening day:

Each day provides daily reflection questions and often a suggested activity to help you center that day on Jesus. You can go in order or you can skip around and pick a day that you feel would be the most beneficial. You can go through the plan as an individual, but think of ways to do them in groups or as a family.

Our family is going to try to follow this plan, it’s nice to be able to keep up with it on my mobile phone. We’ve used a variety of plans during advent and I’m looking forward to trying this one.

How about you? What part does the Bible play in your Christmas celebrations?

Find out more about the YouVersion Bible reading plan: Rediscovering the Christmas Season

Note: My post originally stated that Advent begins on December 1. This year it actually started on November 28, the fourth Sunday before December 25. Thanks to Peter and others for the correction.

6 thoughts on “A Bible reading plan for Advent

  1. Peter Kirk says:

    Actually Advent began last Sunday, 28th November, at least for all of us in the Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist and Lutheran traditions (as confirmed by Wikipedia). It is always the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Four Sundays are needed for blowing out the four candles of the Advent wreath! But daily Bible reading is a more important spiritual discipline.

  2. Peter Kirk says:

    The independent church I attended on Sunday also made no mention – but the Anglican one the Sunday before made a big thing of what was coming next week.

  3. David Ker says:

    We’ve discovered that the YouVersion has a glitch. It insists that you start on December 1 but calls it Mon, Nov 29. Well, anyway our family enjoyed the reading and the notes. We’ll probably keep it up although no candles for the time being as we’re on the road (or soon to be).

  4. AmberVV says:

    I used this bible reading last year and loved it. I was hoping to do it again this year but I can’t find it on youversion! Would you happen to know where I could find it?

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