completed ISV now available

ISV now Available for Free Download in e-Sword Format
We are pleased to announce immediate availability of the entire text of the completed Holy Bible: International Standard Version in the popular* free e-Sword electronic Bible study program. Here’s how to download it for free:*

If you DO NOT own the latest free e-Sword program:
*****Click here to visit’s web site, where you may download and install the    latest edition of their free e-Sword electronic Bible study program.    Then follow the seven-step instructions listed below:    ******

If you DO own the latest free e-Sword program:
*****Once you’ve downloaded and installed e-Sword:
1. Open the e-Sword program  and click on the “Download > Bibles” tab.
2. Scroll down (in the separate window that will open) to the    “English” language Bibles section.
3. Look in the alphabetical listing of “Free” Bibles for the ISV.
4. Tag the ISV file line in the table and then activate the    “Download” function.
5. The latest edition of the completed ISV will download and install    into your e-Sword program.
6. After the download completes, quit the e-Sword program and restart it
7. The ISV will display among your collection of Bibles.*
*PLEASE NOTE: Due to limitations regarding e-Sword’s ability to process our Microsoft Word DOC files, the e-Sword’s ISV module /*DOES NOT*/contain footnotes.*

*Kindly direct any questions you may have concerning this announcement to us at*

*William P. Welty, Ph.D.

ISV Foundation*


And for those who prefer Microsoft Word  rather than e-Sword format, the entire ISV is available, for now, as free downloads from:

5 thoughts on “completed ISV now available

  1. Shaund says:

    Paul Knight2010/12/13I have been using e-Sword for many years and it is a great program but when I try to find the Pocket vesiorn for my Apple iPhone there is a message at that tells you Pocket e-Sword is no longer being developed, nor supported.You are welcome to install it on a supported PDA or phone, but if it doesn’t work for you then there is no fix or help available.

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