When the waters don’t stop

This blog tends towards the academic and the theoretical. We critique Bibles but rarely post about them devotionally.

But let us not forget why we do this – why we bother running blogs like this, why we spend much longer studying the Bible personally, and why some of us have even dedicated our working lives to translating the Bible for those who otherwise would never have it.

We do these things because we believe that God’s word, as contained in the Bible, are the most important words we will ever hear. It is God’s message to the world, and to us individually.

My home town Brisbane is currently flooded, with waters reaching up to 19.5 meters in some areas. Here are some pictures. I’m away right now, but my family is there. Thankfully they are safe, it’s very unlikely that the waters will reach them, and they even still have power. But thousands have had to evacuate their homes, or are without power. Many supermarkets have no food to sell. Even parts of the CBD are now under water. If that’s not extreme enough, three quarters of the rest of the state has been declared a disaster zone. Flood waters cover or have covered an area greater than the size of France and Germany combined. Once the waters eventually clear life will continue to be hard as the clean up begins, while the loss of crops will drive up food prices around the world.

But God has spoken to us about this. In Genesis 9 he made a covenant with every living creature on the earth not to destroy the earth with a flood. As bad as these current floods may be, God has promised to set limits on them. The rainbows in the sky are there to remind him of this – so I know that he is keeping careful watch over all the people afflicted by these floods. But he has also promised that one day he will judge the earth again, in fire. We live in the “end times” and the days of suffering are nearing an end. Despite the worst things that happen to us we can know that God has planned for it to end. We can know because of his word. Even though we may not fully understand his wisdom, he cared enough to write to us so that we could have at least some confidence in him.

If you trust in this same God, I along with innumerable others here, would of course appreciate your prayer.

And if you know the value of being able to hear God’s message in your own language, please consider supporting those who are working to translate the Bible into minority languages.

Because disasters don’t happen only to those who already have the comfort and confidence found in God’s word.

2 thoughts on “When the waters don’t stop

  1. Mike Sangrey says:

    Thank you Danni.

    I’ve wondered if we shouldn’t have a weekly, or at least periodic, prayer posting on this blog. The idea is to post Bible translation “stories” occurring in various places of the world. These stories would contain an appropriate level of information consistent with the potentially broad audience which reads this blog. And it would help people see a larger picture.

    For example, perhaps a story of a highly isolated group of people in Papua New Guinea whose language only supports communication which proceeds in chronological order. The posting would give a real world face to the difficulty that presents for Bible translation.

    I couldn’t pull this together. However, I think someone could make “connections” to the people and organizations that could provide content for such periodic postings. I’m sure we could use some one feeding us stories on a regular basis if someone “out there” would like to help.

    Any one else have some thoughts?

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