new multitask Bible app

Have you ever found your attention wandering as your read your Bible or listen to it in audio form? Your brain is probably trying to multitask because you have so much on your mind in our busy world. The answer for reading the Bible with divided attention will soon be here, the RDWT Bible app produced by Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Inc. With the RDWT Bible app, you will not only be able to read and listen to the Bible, but at the same time you will be able to take notes on what you are reading or hearing, or write down anything else that comes to your mind, all without missing anything from your Bible experience. Do you need to liven up your Bible experience? You can with the dramatized audio track or video track options which you can select as you are experiencing the Bible with RDWT. In fact, you can select both tracks at the same time for fuller multitasking as you experience the Bible. And if you need further sensory input as you experience the Bible, you can press the Other Video button on the RDWT and add an unrelated video track.

The RDWT app will play on any smart phone, electronic reader such as Kindle, as well as legacy computers.

Each of the best-selling English Bible versions will be available on the RDWT app. You may experience them individually, but your Bible experience will be greatly enhanced as you select additional versions to be experienced at the same time. On the app you will have a choice of synchronizing the same Bible reference for each version, or you can select the multitask version mode to experience different Bible passages at the same time.

The RDWT is currently being Beta tested. But the latest RDWT memo says they hope to launch this revolutionary new Bible product to the market by April 1, 2013. Until then, those who would like to get a taste of what Bible multitasking can be like can do so by checking out the new Google multitasking cursor function:

Have a good first day of April, and keep Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth!

5 thoughts on “new multitask Bible app

  1. Mike Sangrey says:

    I’ve always thought that an audio App for the New Testament which would play various translations to my headphones would be, like, so way cool. I’m thinking the Greek to the left ear and the English to the right. You know, kinda like an audio interlinear in real-time.

    It would save me time doing Bible study when I’m driving the free-way.


  2. Dannii says:

    Will it come with a slider to easily select where at that moment you desire to be on the formal/dynamic spectrum?

  3. Wayne Leman says:

    I’m sure the R&D team would welcome that request, Dannii. Of course, if they include it, you would be able to multitask and get both at the same time. I like Mike’s idea of having one in one ear and one in the other.

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