Eugene Peterson learns how to translate the Bible

Right now I am listening to a video interview with Eugene Peterson, translator of The Message version of the Bible. Peterson explains how he became a Bible translator. First he became a biblical language scholar. Then he discovered books recently published about how to translate the Bible. He read translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey, from Greek to English. He discovered the translation principles use by these translators. Finally, he began translating the Bible for his church congregation. Out of that experience came The Message. Peterson does not intend The Message to be a study Bible. But he intends it to help people understand the the message (!) of the Bible, expressed in contemporary English, applicable to their own lives.

You, too, can listen to this interview with Eugene Peterson:

You will need to register with your name, email address, and zip code before you can listen to the video. Actually, there are two videos, one on “Practicing Sabbath”, the other, the one I’m listening to, is titled “Immersed in Scripture.”

7 thoughts on “Eugene Peterson learns how to translate the Bible

  1. Kenneth M Duhart says:

    Hey Wane
    Working for Northern Cheyenne Tribal Schools as a para in the Special Educaiton Department. Our Director would like to implement a language component for the cheyenne language, a training software or some way of implementing the language for sped students. Becka Howey said there is a web based e-mail connection that you once served. It mailboxed new language packets that you had developed. that sounded really kool dropping language components for the cheyenne language? Any thing twards language teaching for K-12 would be apreciated thanks. Ken

  2. James Snapp, Jr. says:

    On a related subject: do the publishers of Peterson’s “The Message” have any plans to correct its text of Colossians 3:20? The last sentence of the verse is missing the word “to” — that it, is says “This delights the Master no end,” although it should say, “This delights the Master to no end.”

    I have not found (although I have not thoroughly searched for) a copy of Peterson’s “The Message” that does not contain this mistake.

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.

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