“Farewell NIV”?

At BLT krwordgazer posts “Farewell NIV”?, a highly critical review of a claim by another blogger that the NIV has gone away. This includes a careful discussion of the gender related issues which have been the reason for some people rejecting the NIV 2011.

For some of us there is little new in this post. But for readers who have not already had their fill of these discussions, this is a useful introduction to the issues.

Please comment on the post at BLT, not here.

6 thoughts on ““Farewell NIV”?

  1. thislamp says:

    Peter, I know you said not to post here, but off topic, I think someone (who is a better poet than me) should write a song called “Farewell, NIV” to the tune of Elton John’s “Goodbye Norma Jean.”


  2. Peter Kirk says:

    David, there have not been a whole series of changes to NIV. The text was fixed and stable from 1984 to 2011, with the only variant being the Anglicised version. Well, there was the NIV Inclusive Language version, published in UK only, and there was TNIV. But your issue in the 90s was probably that either your printed version or the Quickverse one was pre-1984.

    If you look carefully, you will find even more frequent changes in most other widely read modern translations e.g. ESV and NLT. So this is not a particular problem with NIV.

  3. davidbrainerd2 says:

    Well, I don’t suppose you were looking that carefully at the NIV because I certainly noticed a lot of changes to it.

    But what’s wrong with these modern translators? Don’t they realize every time you change the text that its a then a new version?

  4. Peter Kirk says:

    David, I can assure you that I have looked into these matters carefully. It is not completely impossible that I have missed something e.g. there may have been typos corrected. But if you want to accuse me of telling an untruth, please provide some evidence, e.g. examples of verses which are different in the versions you mention, if possible with the copyright notices which go with each version.

    Perhaps you think that KJV has never been changed. If so, you are wrong. There have been many different editions of KJV and significant changes to the text between 1611 and the present day. There has never been such a thing as an unchangeable Bible text.

  5. Jim Blankenship says:

    I wish people hadn’t taken that “post at BLT” request quite so seriously, …

  6. davidbrainerd2 says:

    Personally I never used the NIV until recently. The main reason is I was handed a Gideon Bible NIV years ago that didn’t have the footnotes. It was in paragraph form and I noticed it had verse numbers with no text next to them. … Now, if only Gideon hadn’t … removed the footnotes that give you the text of those verses, my opinion might have been different. I saw a NIV 1984 waterproof NT in Lifeway a while back and bought it, simply because it was the only waterproof Bible they had left (other than a Spanish RV1960) and that’s when I began using it, along with the KJV and NRSV. And a few weeks later I bought a NIV 2011 as well.

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