Psalm 119, part 4

This is part 4 of Douglas Van Dorn‘s translation of Psalm 119. Also see part 1, part 2 and why acrostics, and part 3 and other acrostic translations.

Doug Van Dorn preached through all 150 Psalms in 88 sermons at the Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado from 2016-2018. As he preached through them, he made acrostic translations of all the acrostic psalms: Psalm 9-10, Psalm 25, Psalm 34, Psalm 37, Psalms 111 and 112, Psalm 119, and Psalm 145. The acrostics are included with his Psalms sermon notes.

It should be noted what a difficult endeavor this is. As we saw in the last post, he joins a handful of people who have done acrostics for all the Psalms. Some others were only able to complete one, and we don’t know the number of people who gave up on acrostics partway through a Psalm translation, but note Psalm 25 in the Passion Translation, where the first letters of verses 1-10 spell ABCDEFGHJKL, and verses 15-22 spell RSTUVWYZ, but verses 11-14 spell FWTT.

So we come to the end of Van Dorn’s Psalm 119 translation. Note especially verse 164, which Van Dorn translates as “Unwavering, seven times a day I praise you for your righteous rules.” In his sermon on Psalm 119, he notes the many references to time of day in the Psalm. He notes that some commentators divide the Psalm into eight parts to correspond to eight times during the day to read the Psalm. If you do this, verse 164 is close to the the end of the seventh part. Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s a chart:

And here is the final part of Van Dorn’s Psalm 119 translation. Read it, recite it, meditate on it, and enjoy it.

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