The ESV: Catholic Version

The National Catholic Register has a lengthy discussion with Tim Gray and Mark Giszczak of the Augustine Institute about the English Standard Version: Catholic Edition translation. They discuss why they prefer the ESV-CE over the Revised Standard Edition: Catholic Edition and the New American Bible.

2 thoughts on “The ESV: Catholic Version

  1. David Dewey says:

    The ESV- CE is not as new as this article suggests: it is only the Augustine edition that’s new. Unless it differs in some way? And Ignatius Press have the very similar RSV- 2CE.
    In the UK the debate is opening up over the Jerusalem Bible v. The RSV for RC liturgical use.
    Paradoxically, the use of the ESV is perceived as a hallmark of Reformed and Conservative Evangelical Christians.
    A question: I believe the ESV Apocrypha was first prepared by Oxford University Press: does anyone know if that is the basis for the Crossway approved ESV-CE? Thanks

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