Take the Plunge

I’ve spent a good amount of time in the last few months cleaning up and re-organizing the pages with updated content. One of the pages includes links to lots, and lots, and lots of English Bible versions. And when you have that many Bible translations, many of them, especially the single-author ones, will be idiosyncratic.

I just came across one recently that had an interesting translation of the word normally transliterated into English as “baptize.” The Original Word of God translation, translated by Kenneth Allan Clark, instead consistently uses the word “plunge.”

However, that has the unfortunate result that “John the Baptist” becomes… wait for it… you guessed it… “John the Plunger” (Mark 6).

3 thoughts on “Take the Plunge

  1. bobmacdonald says:

    Hey – how have I missed you these past 8? years. Had I know you were around, I would have checked up on you re the carnival. You might be interested in the SimHebrew Bible and its full concordance online. (https://qonqordnxih-ltnk.blogspot.com/) It is under publication with my translation of Tanakh which is available in ebooks. Where we will go with the SimHebrew Bible (https://simhebrew.blogspot.com/) is to be determined. It is complete from an algorithmic point of view – see the about and intro pages.

  2. Alister Hood says:

    I’ve never understood why we don’t use “dunk” rather than “baptise”. In Germany they even call Baptists “Dunkers”, don’t they?

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