Suzanne McCarthy, requiem

Suzanne McCarthy was a BBB blogger. She died of cancer in 2015. Yesterday I learned that her husband, daughter, and a sister brought a book to publication that she had been writing before she died. It is titled Valient or Virtuous?: Gender Bias in Bible Translation. I am reading it. It is a good book that reflects Suzanne’s scholarship in the biblical languages and her keen interest in Bible translation.

One of the issues Suzanne raises is that the Hebrew word chayil is translated by many English Bible translations as “valor” when it refers to men, but as “virtuous” when it refers to women. Better Bibles translate a word the same way unless context requires a difference in translation.

What do you think? Can a woman be a woman of valor?

Suzanne was a woman of valor. We honor her.

Mike Aubrey, who blogs about the Greek of the New Testament, also honored Suzanne, on his blog.

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