English Bible Translations Explained video

I just came across an excellent YouTube video called English Bible Translations Explained. It is produced by a channel called UsefulCharts, and uses “family tree” charts to show the different lineages of all the major English Bible translations. It talks about the different Greek text families, evangelical vs. ecumenical translations, Jewish translations, Roman Catholic translations, and more, all in a very easy-to-understand, visual manner. I highly recommend it.

The channel has hundreds of other videos as well, from biblical stuff, like Biblical Family Tree and Kings of Israel and Judah, to other religious stuff, like Islamic Prophets Family Tree and Book of Mormon Family Tree, to historical stuff, like Spanish Monarchs, to less serious stuff, like Star Wars Family Tree. Be aware, though, that the producer of the video is upfront that he is Jewish, not Christian, and presents from a secular historical academic perspective.

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