SENT published

Dear SENT Users,

I’m excited to announce that my four-year translation project and labor of love, the Spoken English New Testament, has how arrived from the printer. I’m reaching out to ask those of you who have not already done so to purchase copies, for two reasons:

1. This is probably the most engaging, readable, accurate, and clear translation you will ever read. I am confident that it is going to revitalize your enjoyment and understanding of the scriptures of the New Testament.

2. I have produced and printed this book at my own expense, and I need to recover my print costs! I decided to self-publish the Spoken English New Testament (SENT) because I set out to break the mold for what Bible translations are expected to be–i.e. either archaic, over-literal and wooden, or loose, inaccurate and riddled with sectarian bias–or all of the above. I wanted to make an accurate, scholarly, annotated version that was at the same time ideal for reading aloud and so simple that sixth- to seventh-grade readers would find it easy to read. By self-publishing, I held on to the right to have as many footnotes as I thought my readers deserved, and I also held onto the right to price it at a price that no publisher would consider: $12.99. That’s half of what other recent New Testament translations and similarly-sized non-fiction books sell for in bookstores.

You’re invited to preview the final version of SENT and learn all about it by visiting

Will you order one or more copies of SENT right now? It will ship out to you within 48 hours.

Cover Price: $12.99

CA sales tax: $1.14 (8.75%)

Shipping: $2.76 (media mail)

Handling: $1.00 (order fulfilled by a low-income high school student saving for college)

Total including tax, shipping and handling: $17.89 in CA; $16.75 elsewhere in the USA; $22.55 to Canada; $26.30 to the UK.

For two copies the totals are $32.71, $30.44 elsewhere in the USA; please enquire about international shipping options. Please give me your current shipping address in the following form:

Jane Jones

1234 Smith St Apt 3

Oakland CA 94610

You can make out a check and send it payable to:

SENT Press

2501 Harrison Street

Oakland, CA 94612-3811

Or, if you have a PayPal account, you can send me the payment at

All the Best,

Webb Mealy


(from Wayne: It is a beautiful book with extensive footnotes)

(from Mike: If you have questions, Webb Mealy can be reached at