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      Mike Sangrey posts WordPress profile Blogger profile

      By training, I’m a Software Engineer.

      By profession, I’m a Data Security Consultant currently working for a one of the “Blues” in the health insurance industry.

      By heart, I’m an amateur linguist who seeks, with the undeserved gifts God has so kindly given, better Bible translations. More than anything else I want Bible translations that, when coupled with a humble attitude, incarnate the Spirit of God into the lives of his people.

      By family, I’m the happy husband of a wonderful wife, and the proud father of 6 children who span ages from learning obedience to old enough to live out their obedience.

      May God be gracious to us all.

      Dan Sindlinger posts WordPress profile Blogger profile

      My wife and I supervised Bible translation projects for six years among the Gola people of Liberia, West Africa, and ten years among the Lakota Sioux Indians of South Dakota. While working with Wycliffe Bible Translators in SD, we met Wayne and Elena Leman about the year 1980 and have been good friends ever since. I’ve taught (gratis) New Testament Greek for 15 years and Biblical Hebrew for eight. Dissatisfied with the general unnaturalness and lack of clarity in English Bible translations, I spent seven years translating the New Testament (published as “The Better Life Bible”) for people who rarely read (or have never read) the Bible. I’m an independent thinker and host a monthly interfaith discussion group. I enjoy playing most sports and I play guitar in church on occasion. I treasure my wife and the time we share with our three children and two grandchildren.

      David Frank posts WordPress profile

      David has a PhD in linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington, with specialties in discourse analysis, descriptive linguistics, creole languages, lexicography, and translation theory. His graduate studies were a long time ago, and since then he has had field experience with two creole languages, St. Lucian (French) Creole and Gullah, the latter an English creole spoken along the coastal area of the southeastern US. His work with these two languages has included linguistic analysis and description, literacy work, and translation of the Bible. In addition to continued involvement with these language communities and in doing linguistic research, his main activities currently involve consulting, editing and writing.

      Dannii Willis posts WordPress profile

      I’ve just finished my BA majoring in linguistics. Next year I plan to do my Honours project on the Australian language Walmajarri. I’ve taken two semesters of NT Greek, but perhaps more relevant to the BBB, I’m a native speaker of Australian English.

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